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This page is mainly going to be about this guy, Craig. He enjoys things like eating, and sleeping. He also likes to nap and feast! I hope you like Craig and his passions and adventures. Enjoy! Craig likes to eat, drink, sleep, talk, nap, feast, nibble, dream, chug, and much much more!! He likes burgers, especially when they are in HD quality like down below. He likes green shirts, as you can clearly see, and he likes white buttons to contrast. He has a nice hair cut, trimmed on the top with some gel, and a nice leather jacket to go with his fresh cut. He has the new limited edition Gucci leather jacket, (He was one of the only 10 people to get them) and he flexes it on everyone whenever he sees people. He hopes you read this and like his fresh cut and jacket.

As you can see, Craig is a cool guy. He has a slick jacket, a slick hairdo, and a nice attitude. Who knows, maybe someday you and Craig will be best buds, and do things together, like eat, drink or sleep! (You know, Craig's passions) Craig is a cool dude, and he wants to be your friend! So go meet him and try his ICONIC CRAIG burger, and maybe wash it down with a drink. I'm sure you'll love Craig's passions, and you might even do them already. So what are you waiting for, go meet Craig! (This message is a paid sponsorship endorsed by Craig A. List, please visit and purchase his ICONIC CRAIG burger. Use code COOLCRAIG for 10% off at checkout, an included ICONIC CRAIG soda, & FREE shipping! Thank you to Craig A. List for the paid endorsement.)

Images of Craig and his ICONIC CRAIG burger meal

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