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Taco Bell. A very popular fast food restarurant, considered to be "Tex-Mex" style food. Like almost all fast food places, the food is quite unhealthy, but also delicious. However, Taco Bell is notorious for one thing, that being the necessity to poop. After eat almost anything on the menu, you will have a short period of satisfaction, until you feel your stomach grumble, get out of your seat, and keep your head down as you ask the worker for the key to the bathroom. You're embarassed, and why shouldn't you be, after all you did expect to come out of eating Taco Bell unscathed. Taco Bell food is very delicious, but it is too good to be true, and you have to keep this in mind as you drool over the thought of having a cheesy gordita crunch for dinner.

My reasoning for the list above comes from lots of experience. After all, there is a Taco Bell a block away from my highschool, so I would often endulge in a quesarito for lunch, despite the effects it might have on me during P.E. in the next hour. But anyways, let's just say I know what I'm talking about. The quesarito is a beauty. I order it without sour cream, and with steak, and it just hits the spot, no matter what time or place. That is my favorite item on the menu by a longshot, and it is my go to. The DLT's are also pretty good. They are a regular hard-shell taco but with a Dorito spiced shell. Although this might seem junky, it's better than you would expect. The cinnamon twists, which I think might be the only dessert item, are insanely sweet and delicious. As for the rest of the items above, they are all equally good and top the rest of the items on the Taco Bell menu. Now you have to keep in mind that I am not including drinks, otherwise Mountain Dew Baja Blast would have showed up a few times throughout this page. It is one of my favorite sodas of all time, and the exclusivity of it just makes it better.

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