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This is my final page of my website for now. It is about an orange.

An orange is a very nice fruit. It is of the citrus family, and although it is sometimes considered a simple fruit, it is very nice. A wise man once said, "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be" and I think that really comes into play with an orange. They have that perfect balance of sweet and sour, and also juicy and pulpy. It is a delicious fruit, and it is good in other forms, like as orange juice, and as a chocolate orange. (Distant relative) An orange is overall a very nice fruit, and I highly encourage you to indulge upon one at this very moment, whether that be with or without the shell. The tangerine, often mixed up with an orange, is very different and worse in many ways. It's smaller (Less to eat), it's usually more sour (not balanced) and they often get squashed (Yuck).

So as you can see from my above argument, oranges are supreme to almost all fruit, besides some exceptions. Those exceptions include pinneapples, mangoes, raspberries, and a few more that I won't include so I can get back to my point. An orange is a simple yet stunning piece of work, often thought to be the magic fruit due to the majestic feeling of beauty you get after eating this delicacy. Some people call me an ornage biast, and I would disagree, but they're not wrong. I am a proud orange supporter and I think that you should be too. As I am writing this, I am creating a petition to make oranges the worldwide symbol of joy, beauty, and prosperity, because that's really what an orange is.

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